It's time to truly live life, not merely exist

Bloomberg has an article out called "The 15-Minute City—No Cars Required—Is Urban Planning's New Utopia."

They're pushing for people to give up personal vehicle ownership and never travel more than 15 minutes from their own homes.

They're trying to pen us all in like cattle. It's time to flee the cities.

With technology, you can work from anywhere. So why not get out got the city and move to a small rural town? There is so much potential in these small towns. The downtown areas may be abandoned, deteriorating, and boarded up. But, they are just lying in wait to be brought back to life.

My dream is to see people move back to these towns, buy and restore them, so they flourish once again.

I would argue that city life is not an ideal way to live and that the old-fashioned way of life and a slower way of living produces a more fulfilling existence.

People these days do not feel grounded, connected, and whole. People are stressed, depressed, exhausted, and utterly obsessed with media and entertainment, which produce nothing but anger, negativity, and envy.

Being consumed by Pop culture media and their vapid content eviscerates your life's meaning. Reading, watching, or listening to stories like, "Hugh Grant shares his embracing COVID-19 symptoms with Colbert" or "Cazzie David reveals the story behind her breakup with Pete Davidson" is beyond a waste of time. This nonsense is for the 9th grade, not adults.

Protecting your loved ones, taking care of animals, exercising, and making money in an honest and forthright manner is what adults must be focused on.

If you feel dull, depressed, and lacking in energy, it's time to audit your life and pinpoint why.

Is it because you have accumulated an abundance of material possessions? Are you working a job that sucks the soul out of your being, and the only reason you continue torturing yourself day in and day out is because you have accumulated a mass amount of debt? Are you obsessed with the past, and what could have been? Instead of appreciating what you have, are you continually thinking about how others have more?

It's time for a shift. It's time to fully embrace the desire you have for a simpler life. There's a satisfaction that comes from working with your hands. To toil and sweat in the sun. And to feed your family with the foods that you grow.

It's time to abandon the herd and go the opposite way. Stop caring if your friends and family think you are crazy. Stop making lame excuses for why you can't live an adventurous life.

It's time to truly live life, not merely exist.